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Student Hubs

Student Hubs

  • We pledge to triple the number of students volunteering in our high-impact year-long social action programmes from 1,200 to 3,600 by 2020.
  • As a founding member of Generation Change we will continue to work with other frontline delivery organisations to embed social action in young people’s lives. We will ensure that high-quality voluntary action taken by children and teenagers continues while they are at university and into adulthood.
  • We will build capacity in higher education institutions to value, support and sustain thriving communities of students engaged in social action. By 2020, we aim to be engaging with 100,000 students across 20 university Hubs.
  • Using our on-the-ground delivery model we will add to our existing research into the student social action landscape. We will also advocate for student-led, impact-driven social action at a national level. The aim of this will be to increase the proportion of student social action from 30%, where it has plateaued for many years.
  • We will leverage our corporate partnerships to increase the number of ‘unusual suspects’ participating in social action as students. While employability is often an incentive for these students to volunteer, we will use our critical engagement model to position a desire to make a difference at the centre of all of our volunteers’ social action.
  • We will work to gain a better understanding of the barriers that under-represented students face to engaging with social action and work to make our opportunities more accessible. We will actively work towards increasing the involvement of under-represented students in our activities.

In 2016-17, we supported more than 2,300 students to take part in social action activities across our network of Hubs in UK universities. 36% of those students engaged in social action for the first time – an 11% increase on the previous year. This shows a significant improvement in the targeting of our offerings to students who had not previously been involved.

95% of volunteers reported that being involved with us has enhanced their university experience, whilst 99% of volunteers felt that we offered them access to opportunities they would not otherwise have had.

In addition, 78% of our community partners benefited from specifically working with students, and 98% of our community partners saw a positive change in their beneficiaries. This demonstrates the impact that student social action can have in local areas, helping to tackle issues such as educational disadvantage, social isolation amongst older people and food waste.


Quote from Francis Wight, CEO of Student Hubs:
“We are pleased to be progressing towards our #iwill pledge through our work in UK universities. Our 2016-17 Impact Report demonstrates the double benefit of social action on young people and local communities. We are continuing to support students to connect with their communities and create transformative change, now and in the future.”