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• We will continue running our young campaigners programme, empowering young people to stand up and campaign for LGBT rights in their communities
• We will continue to work with under-represented groups of young people such as trans young people, disabled young people and BAME young people
• We will continue inviting young people to our conferences on Children and Young People services, using their voice to inform our approach to tackling LGBT discrimination
• We will involve young people in developing Stonewall campaigns, making sure that young people’s voices are represented throughout
• We will connect young campaigners with activists involved in historic LGBT equality campaigns to enable intergenerational learning
• We will continue building strong relationships across Children and Young People’s services, highlighting the importance of listening to LGBT young people and encouraging space to be made for them
• We will continue to highlight the Young Campaigner of the Year and celebrate all their success in their community campaigning
• We will set up a Stonewall Youth Alumni Panel, to steer our decision making and direction as an Education & Youth Department
• We will continue to support young people to attend prides with Stonewall
• We will enable greater access to apprenticeships for LGBT young people
• We will put resource into hearing from LGBT NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training) on their needs, and empower them to come up with the solutions to meet those needs
• We will highlight the importance of diverse LGBT voices through our research and work with schools
• We will use our resources to encourage schools to use pupil voice in their LGBT inclusion work

We’ve just pledged to the #iwill campaign recently – watch this space for updates on our progress


Quote from the CEO at Step Up To Serve
“The #iwill campaign is driven by leaders from across society who are committed to making youth social action a normal part of growing up in the UK.
We know that young people want to play an active part in improving their communities, and that in doing so, they develop their own skills for work and life.
With pledges helping to support the growth of youth social action, we want you to remember that it’s never too late to say #iwill. Will you be next?”