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Red Cross UK

Red Cross UK

  • Recognising the amazing things that young people do through the annual Humanitarian Citizen Awards, encouraging people to nominate young heroes who have taken social action through, volunteering, community service, fundraising and responding to first aid emergencies.
  • Offering crisis education in communities where there is a greater risk of: emergencies of localised flooding and the harmful effects of the weather, stigmatising behaviour towards refugee and migrant communities, understanding the impact conflict can have on a community
  • Working through local schools and youth organisations we will equip young people with the skills to understand, cope and help others in crisis.
  • Exploring the positive benefits of volunteering and taking action with a minimum of 5000 young people, across the UK, by end of 2016.
  • Offering 1000 new volunteering opportunities to 15-25 year olds by the end of 2016

We’re still working on our pledge to the #iwill campaign. Next progress update is coming soon, so watch this space!


Quote from Charlotte Hill, CEO at Step Up To Serve
“The #iwill campaign is driven by leaders from across society who are committed to making youth social action a normal part of growing up in the UK.
We know that young people want to play an active part in improving their communities, and that in doing so, they develop their own skills for work and life.
Over 350 cross-sector organisations so far have pledged to support youth social action, and say #iwill. What will you do?”