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Just Like Us

Just Like Us

We pledge to

  • Create opportunities for youth social action, through supporting and empowering young LGBTQ+ people to help make schools and communities better places for LGBTQ+ pupils. This could be done through talks, workshops and establishing LGBTQ+ Clubs in schools.
  • Promote the value of volunteering within schools through our communication channels, alluding to the double benefit of youth social action.
  • Give young people a voice in providing and creating resources for young LGBTQ+ school pupils and students and give young people a role in our governance structure through the recruitment of a young trustee.
  • Nominate our young volunteers to become #iwill Ambassadors.

We’re working towards our pledge, watch this space to see our update soon.


Quote from Tim Ramsey, Founder of Just Like Us
“Having spent years feeling lonely and anxious because of my sexuality, I’m excited to be working to empower young people to help make schools better places for LGBTQ+ pupils”