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First Give

First Give

  • First Give exist to inspire and equip young people to take action to tackle social issues.
  • First Give pledges to support 30,000 young people to take part in social action this academic year. We will do this through a secondary school programme that gives an entire year group the opportunity to advocate for and directly support local charities. Young people on the programme will take part in meaningful social action, raising awareness and money for the causes they care about.
  • The programme encourages young people to develop stronger links with their community, to develop their professional skills and gain confidence to use their skills to contribute and participate.

First Give is on track for the academic year 2017/2018 to engage 30,000 young people in social action on our programme. In addition to advocacy and social action from young people, local charities will win grants totalling £170,000 at School Finals.


Quote from First Give
“We have learnt so many skills, like how to work as a team and speak confidently in public… it felt so good to be able to help something we really care about”