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Eden Project

Eden Project

Our pledge is to:

• Encourage young people to use the Big Lunch as a way of getting to know their neighbours and creating better connected, more friendly and safer communities

• Create opportunities for social action within Eden’s formal educational programmes.

• Inspire young people to understand their connections to the natural world

We’ve just pledged to the #iwill campaign recently – watch this space for updates on our progress


Quote from the CEO at Step Up To Serve
“The #iwill campaign is driven by leaders from across society who are committed to making youth social action a normal part of growing up in the UK.
We know that young people want to play an active part in improving their communities, and that in doing so, they develop their own skills for work and life.
With pledges helping to support the growth of youth social action, we want you to remember that it’s never too late to say #iwill. Will you be next?”