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Dr Hadwen Trust

Dr Hadwen Trust

We pledge:

  • To encourage and support young people to act as ambassadors for change, where they champion medical research without the use of animals.
  • To offer young people a range of social action opportunities in our retail shop, through fundraising and awareness-raising activities.
  • To place young people at the heart of our decision-making by recruiting and retaining two young trustees aged 18-25 to serve on our board of trustees.
  • To support our young trustees and provide them with the skills they need to carry their duties out through our induction and on-going training programme.

To ensure the DHT’s board of trustees represents all ages, we recently recruited two trustees that will represent the views of those aged 18-25. We are delighted to welcome to our board Charlotte Stafford and Fern Clark who join seven other trustees.


Quote from Dr Kit Byatt, Chair of Trustees
“The DHT’s board of trustees acknowledges that we must engage with stakeholders and supporters from all walks and stages of life, in order to have the best possible chance of achieving our goals. As such we have recruited two trustees who are aged between 18-25, who are aligned to the ethos of the DHT and will act as our ambassadors to this age group”