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The CVMinder Team, XperiSoft Limited pledge:

  • Whilst helping colleges and schools to measure the progress of student employability skills, we will raise awareness of the #iwill campaign and advocate the specific inclusion of social action when constructing their employability programmes.

  • For each employee, offer an additional paid day’s leave for the sole purpose of investing their personal time in the promotion, support, encouragement or direction of 10 to 20 year olds in social action.

We attended MidKent College for a day of workshops and held 10 interviews for students on the Level 2 Business Administration course. Prior to the interview we reviewed the students’ CVs and covering letters, as well as the job description. We interviewed each student mimicking how an employer would. Some of the students had never had an interview before.

After the interview we gave each student feedback on their interview performance, their appearance, body language and behaviour. During the interview a tutor also listened in on the interview and made notes on each student’s performance.

The purpose of the exercise was to give the students a real interview experience and to help them become work ready. The exercise gives the students an insight into what to expect for an interview and a better understanding of the employability process. The students also had to prepare for the interview and understand the preparation needed on the run up as well as the process of applying.


Quote from Ian Collier, Technical Director
“I think that for students to be interviewed properly with someone they have never met before is a valuable experience for them.  I have no doubt that each student learnt something about job interviews and about themselves perhaps.”