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Co-op Foundation

Co-op Foundation

The Co-op Foundation will champion youth social action by:

  • Contributing at least £1million to match the #iwill fund, creating more high-quality and sustainable opportunities for young people in disadvantaged areas
  • Facilitating learning between our network of partner organisations about what works in improving and extending social action opportunities, and sharing this through the #iwill Learning Hub
  • Promoting the value of social action within the co-operative movement, as a means of developing young people’s character in ways which reflect co-operative values

We’ve just pledged to the #iwill campaign – watch this space for updates on our progress.


Jim Cooke, Co-op Foundation Manager, “Young people are incredibly community-minded, and the majority want to get more involved in local life. But, particularly in less affluent parts of the country, there aren’t enough high-quality youth social action opportunities available. Our funding will build a new generation of involved and active citizens.  It will also tackle loneliness, by helping young people form stronger connections and develop valuable life skills.”