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Citizens UK

Citizens UK

  • Citizens UK constitution requires us to organise across the UK to encourage and support the development and participation of civil society in public life – and to strengthen their institutions in the process.
  • Work with a third of the institutional membership of Citizens UK that are educational institutions – primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities (about 70 institutions or 250,000 people).
  • Double this number in the next five years across 5 more major UK cities. (This would mean that another 250,000 young people, their parents and extended families could be involved in community organizing and social action).
Engaging young people in community organising is part of our core activity. The most high profile public event we held in 2015 was Citizens UK's General Election Accountability Assembly attended by 2,500 and live streamed to thousands. The Labour and Lib Dem party leaders and a senior politician from the Conservatives were joined by a diverse guest list of supporters. Young people played a significant part in leading this Assembly - they helped co–chair and plan the event; spoke to the press and met the politicians and guests. A few weeks earlier they had organised an Assembly of 500 young people specifically on the issue of jobs, apprenticeships etc. with senior politicians. (Citizens UK Photographer: Jack Williams)
Quote from Edward Badu, a young leader and co-chair of the Assembly
"My involvement with CUK has been so worthwhile and crucial in my self development. But most importantly having the opportunity to influence and act on issues that directly effect me and my community, is where it has been most rewarding."