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Brook is committed to ensuring that we support and empower young people to influence decision making and create positive change in their own lives, their local communities and on a national level. We will do this by:

  • Ensuring that our staff and volunteers have the skills and confidence to support young people’s social action
  • Continuing to involve young people in identifying and implementing business decisions, policy and service development
  • Engaging and empowering young people to be involved in external lobbying opportunities to influence policy and practice at local and national levels
  • Continue to grow volunteering opportunities in our Education and Training model
  • Continue to run young people-led, rights based campaigns
  • Further engage young people in national media campaigns, giving them a public voice
  • Ensure we provide opportunities for young people from diverse communities including those most at risk of health inequality

If you work with young people from diverse backgrounds who would like to bring their experience and insights to inform our work please get in touch.



We originally pledged to the campaign in October 2016. We updated our pledge to reflect our progress in time for #iwillWeek 2018.


“It was a great opportunity to attend the DfE to share our experiences of and opinions on sexual education – as it gave me confidence that the Government actually wants to hear young people’s opinions on this important topic! Having two hours to dedicate to this through in-depth discussions and debates was fantastic.” Leah, Brook Champion on the RSE call for evidence roundtable