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British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation

At the British Heart Foundation, we recognise the valuable contribution that young people can make and pledge to offer them a range of meaningful social action activities across our retail shops, through our fundraising activities and at our events.

We will:

  • Support our teams to recognise the value of youth social action by developing a practical Youth Volunteering strategy and policy to be launched in April 2015.
  • Undertake to equip young people, taking part in social action opportunities, with the skills they need to carry these activities out through our induction and on-going training.
  • Strive to reach more young people through our work year on year to 2020 and beyond by offering flexible volunteering roles which they can fit in around their study, work and social lives.
  • Highlight ways that students can get involved through the BHF website and social media channels as well as by providing guidance and information to our teams in the community.
  • Share the double benefit to our teams that youth social actions brings to both the BHF and also to the young person as they progress towards their goals and ambitions. We will be mindful of the benefit that meaningful social action and volunteering brings to the young person’s employability and future prospects.
  • Work with the Step Up To Serve team to ensure that our young people are recognised and celebrated for their contribution to social action and volunteering. We also commit to ensuring that we stay informed with developments and opportunities in volunteering for young people.
  • Continue to promote and grow our opportunities to students working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award through our partnership as an Approved Activity Provider and continue our support of the JLGB by promoting our opportunities on their Evolve website

BHF will support social action and the Step Up To Serve campaign in order to encourage young people to continue their commitment to social action throughout their lives

2016’17 update

Over the last year we have continued our efforts to provide roles that fit in with the busy lives and commitments of young people as they progress through school, college, university and work. We recognize and endorse the enormous value that social action provides in terms of employability and transferable skills and are actively working to create great opportunities and resources for our teams to give the best experience to young people as they support the BHF.

2015’16 update

In the past year, we have developed a new Youth Volunteering policy and we have published our Strategic Volunteering plan; each further endorsing our commitment to offering the right role, the right experience and the right support with flexible opportunities to fit around the busy lives of our young volunteers. We have completed our 3rd year as an Approved Activity Provider for the volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award offering many opportunities for fundraising, events and there are many further opportunities in our shops and stores across the UK.

We have extended our volunteering opportunities as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award to promote fundraising as well as volunteering in our local shops. This will allow the younger participants to support the BHF as part of their award. To help with this we have created a 12 week fundraising guide to meet the requirements of the bronze award.

We have built in guidance into our training materials for teams to help them to engage with young people – whether through volunteering at school or college, for their Duke of Edinburgh’s award or to gain work experience.

Moving forward we have looked at ways to better engage with young people to help them get involved. We are working on:

– Improving our website to reflect the opportunities for young people
– Looking at our role descriptions and risk assessments to support our teams and young volunteers to work together for mutual (double) benefit
– We are working on improving our reach to young people through social media channels


Quote from Linda Fenn, Head of Volunteering
“I recognise the huge impact made by young people in offering their support to the BHF and am proud to support the #iwill campaign. We aim to create meaningful roles that have a long lasting and positive impact on both the young person and the BHF”