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Bournemouth School for Girls

Bournemouth School for Girls

  • Ensure that  social  action is further embedded  in the ethos  of  our school  by  ensuring  opportunities throughout the  school  for our pupils to  get involved  in  school  and wider community projects.
  • Develop  in  all of our pupils  an understanding  of the benefits of making  a difference to  society  by  taking part in  social  action  projects.
  • Ensure  that  the  opportunities  to take part in  social  action are open  to  all pupils  without prejudice.
  • Continue to support ALL students in our respective schools and colleges to participate in high-quality social action, where each one can develop the character and skills needed for life, whilst leading positive societal change.
  • Share best practice and encourage other education leaders and partners to prioritise youth social action within their work by opening our doors for visits; spreading the word through our networks and encouraging more schools and colleges to make an #iwill pledge.

“This has been a busy year for social action projects at BSG!

100 students have attained their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, including 4 their gold awards.
44 students have taken part in the National Citizen service programme.
8 students have gained certificates recognising their community service through the Lions Club this year.
A group of students went in the summer to Romania to work in an orphanage with the Libra Foundation.
Social action is being imbedded in the lower school with the introduction of our own Snowdrop award which encourages year 7 pupils to get involved. A social action project is also part of the PSHE programme in the lower school.
Our Amnesty International group has been recognised nationally for their work.”


Quote from Alistair Brien – Headteacher
Resilience,  perseverance,  grit ,  teamwork,  leadership   are so  important to  develop  in our  young people. Involvement in  social  action is  a key  way of helping  this.  And it is certainly  not at the  expense of  academic achievement-  the old adage of  if you  want  something  done,  ask a busy  person certainly  rings true.  I  see  a  clear  link  between  those  who  achieve  well in  academic  work  and those  who  throw themselves in to  the  wider  life of  the  school  and the community.