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Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council will support the #iwill campaign to increase youth social action by:

  • working with young people to develop a plan to achieve an increase in youth social action in local communities, supporting young people to organise projects, and monitoring our progress.
  • making it easier for all young people to find opportunities to take part in local social action and removing barriers to participating.
  • working with our partners – businesses, voluntary and community groups, schools, colleges and others to promote quality social action for all young people and to enable more high quality social action opportunities.
  • being creative, ambitious and innovative in our approach and by challenging how we work so that young people are actively involved in our organisation and the community
Barnsley Council has focussed the second year of our Love Where You Live volunteering campaign on growing more opportunities for youth social action resulting in greater levels of participation by young people. We have worked more closely with the NCS team in Barnsley to develop YSA projects linked to the delivery of neighbourhood action plans, enabling young people to play a more active part in the development of strong and resilient communities across Barnsley, a key corporate priority for the Council. Our Area Councils have funded a number of YSA programmes including an exciting apprentiships scheme with our parks department to train up young people alongside public services and promoting our green spaces. Wider programmes of support have included the I Know I Can Young Volunteers Programme , which includes a training programme to support young people on what it means to be a volunteer and provide placement opportunities across the Targeted Youth Support Service.To date 120 young people have registered to become IKIC volunteers. We are also developing a 'Better Barnsley Ambassadors programme for young people, to help promote the regeneration of the town centre. Through IKIC, the project will also build partnerships with employers linked to the Centre's redevelopment to create an employment and skills offer for young people and help increase their awareness of the world of work.
Quote from Councillor Jenny Platts, Cabinet Spokesperson Communities
"We have been delighted with the participation of young people in Barnsley's Love Where You Live campaign, the promotion of youth social action and enterprise is a key priority for Barnsley to develop active citizens and ensure that young people have an active part to play in the development of our communities and develop skills for life and work"