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#iwill pledges

#iwill pledges

#iwill can only be a success if partners join the campaign and make tangible pledges of support. And that is precisely what more than 900 organisations from a wide range of different sectors have already done. Take a look at what they’ve committed to do and consider how your organisation could get involved too. If you need help shaping your pledge then take a look at our pledge guidance.

Taking part in social action can help young people gain confidence, experience and skills that are vital in helping them to achieve their potential and ambitions. But it also helps businesses through developing a range of skills, including teamwork, emotional intelligence, resilience and communication in both young people and the adult volunteers who support youth social action. The #iwill campaign is taking action in a number of areas: recognizing the value of youth social action in recruitment practices and materials; promoting and measuring adult volunteering to support youth social action; placing youth social action at the heart of work experience, apprenticeship, or graduate schemes; facilitating fresh opportunities through existing and new volunteering initiatives.

Business Pioneers: