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Why youth social action makes sense

Currently 4 in 10 young people aged between 10 and 20 get involved in activities that make a positive difference. However, research indicates that almost double this number would take part in things like campaigning, fundraising and volunteering if they had the chance.

Further studies confirm that social action develops 21st century employability skills, boosts access to further and higher education and supports enhanced well-being among young people. It creates a double benefit – to young people AND communities.

The #iwill campaign is working with hundreds of partner organisations from the business, education and voluntary sectors to enable young people, wherever they live and whatever their background, to have access to social action.

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There is lots you can do to help social action become a part of life for more young people. Show your support by following the campaign on social media, signing up to the #iwill newsletter and supporting young people you know to take part. Also consider how organisations you are involved with can make an #iwill pledge.

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